Monday, 27 June 2011

Sunday Service

Summerparty at Reconciliation Church 

...we are thankful for the warm invitation to the Reconciliation Church 
in Gohlis, Leipzig! 

On Sunday, June 26th 2011, a heart-touching church service was held in the Reconciliation Church in Gohlis, Leipzig. A swinging summerparty afterwards gave a fantastic finish to the worship. Here we were able to listen to a wonderful Kids-Musical, and even we got the opportunity ourselves to attract attention towards our project « Tomatoes in Kasangulu » with the congolese sounds of Engenga as well as to give chance to donate and support this initiative.
Before and after the service, our music reached the hearts of the people and we could talk and discuss about problems and hopes in the DR Congo. 

Many supported us through a donation, or bought the current Engenga-Album or a kids book about « Kikolo, Kindersoldat im Kongo ». We are pleased about the 358EUR, through which we are reaching our aim, to buy the 10h land for our tomato—farm in Kasangulu, much faster. 
We enjoyed the friendly atmosphere in church and would like to come back soon!