Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Project Kick-Off

The Tomato-Transporter leaves towards Congo

We have been waiting soo long for this day! Finally it is here! 
Our first Tomato-Pickup leaves us from here in Leipzig on the August 17th, 2011 towards the far away DR Congo. 
We truely and gratefully thank all people, who enabled this first success and wish the Pick-up and our project a long and happy life !

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Thursday, 11 August 2011

Orphan finds new sponsor

Joel (12) has a new godfather!

A couple of weeks ago, as the school year turned to its end, it was not a reason to be happy for Joel Nzokilu-Bile. His German Godfather was not able to continue the sponsorship out of personal reasons. Thus, Joels future education – he has pretty good schoolmarks - was unsure. To bridge time, Congo Alive stepped in and looked for a new Godparent – with success! 
During the past weekend (06/08/2011) Gabriel S. declared to be Joels new godfather. We are so happy with Joel and thank Mr. S. with all our heart !

Joel is the second-born of twelve in his family. The mother does not have work and his father died when he was still a little baby. Last year he visited class 6 of the Holy Christine School in Kinshasa, in the Makala Area. He is a diligent and busy student. During his next school year, he will change school to the secondary level. After school, Joel wants to join a technical education, so he can become an engineer. His effort and ambition are an important part to this, but first, the support of his sponsor Mr. S from cologne, Germany, enables the young boy to go to school.

In the DR Congo, there are many children like Joel : many families have lost their fathers in the years of civil war, women are alone and not able to cater for the whole family. Support a family like Joel's ! Through this, you give a young Congolese child the chance, to go to school and enjoy good education. Through your support you give a child a future !
Join our sponsorship programme – become a godparent !

Monday, 8 August 2011

Orphan Sponsorship Programme Kinshasa

New Partnership enables Sponsorship-Programme

Last weekend (06/08/2011) Congo Alive met with Mr. Gabriel Shabani, President of Congo Energy and Congoweb TV

Within this frame, Mr. Shabani offered to support our sponsorship programme for orphans in Kinshasa. From now, he will take the responsibility to hand out the monthly sponsorship fee to the custodian of the adopted orphans. 

This step guarantees the continuity between provider and recipient, which up to today was only possible under high effort and through immense personal input. At the same time, it is now also possible to have a lively contact between the children, the godparents and us.

We are very grateful to Mr. Shabani for this great support and wish all of us a good cooperative future!