Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Current Project

"fruits no flames - school of life in Kasangulu"

The project "Tomatoes from Kasangulu" targets a better quality of life for former child soldiers and single women in the DR Congo, mainly to give them the opportunity to gain education and work, as well as to participate in social life again and to cater for themselves and their families.

From farming tomatoes until the vocational training college is being established – all steps are funded by each other. Yet, in order to be able to start the project, a kick-off-payment of 5,000.00EUR is needed. This will give jobs to five people immediately and build many more in the future. With an indeterminable unemployment rate, but 71% of the population living below the poverty line (estimated 2006), this already means prospects for a new and better life. 

Just like a tomato plant is growing from a small seed to a big plant that brings forth fruit again. Likewise, the tomato-project shall grow from small to big, from buying products off local farmers, all the way to running a vocational training college with many subjects and students and teachers.


1. Culture gives back-up

2010 – concerts by folklore-choir « Engenga », sales from the book «Kikolo - Kindersoldat im Kongo» (Kikolo, Child soldier in Congo) and great amounts of donation financed the aquisition of the first tomato-pick-up and its shipment to Kinshasa in August 2011.

2. Steady Income

Our partner association in Kinshasa "Congo Vivant"  buys fresh farm products in Kasangulu (about 30km from Kinshasa) and sells on the capital's big markets, restaurants and hotels for a higher price. 
Thus, local farmers, mainly women, who sometimes cannot even sell their products due to few demand in Kasangulu, gain a stable daily income.

3. Generating Profit

The pick-up creates a daily profit of about 50USD. 

Info - the average income in DR Congo is about 335 Congolese Franc equals 0,27EUR or 0,36USD. Also, in the DR Congo there are just 5 cars on a thousand people, in Germany there are 623 per thousand. (source : Worldbank 2007)  

A second tomato-pick-up will bring support to the first and the profitability of the local association. More jobs are going to be created. The vocational training college will be financed through the income of the agriculture in Kasangulu and the transport of fresh farm products to Kinshasa.

4. Re-Investment

The vocational training college is the second part in education after the so-called peace-school, where former child soldiers and orphans are learning to live in peace. 
With this path of education, youths from this area have a real chance to set foot in the markets either as self-employed or as well-educated employees. 

Besides handicrafts like carpentry, mechanics and so on students may also learn computer basics and correspondence in the school, which also hosts them and their teachers for the time of the course.

5. Exchange of Experience

The construction of the college takes place in cooperation with German and Congolese volunteers in order to enable the knowledge exchange.
The finances for the school, establishment of a greater diversity of courses and so on will be managed through sales of ready-made products, like doors, windows, furniture etc.

6. Expansion of Programme

A fishery with two fishing boats is also planned to be part of this school-programme. The Congo-River (4.374km long) is a great resource of food for the people in the DR Congo. Therefore the profession of a fisher has to be taught as well. The fish is being used to cater the college as well as freshly delivered products to restaurants and hotels in Kinshasa.
In addition to that, a summer-course for students from the capital Kinshasa shall be created, to give them a great summer-holiday experience, education inclusive.

Monday, 26 September 2011


Celebrate with us! ...12th November 2011

Norbert Hübner, Marita Simank and Renato Rech celebrate braking the 90's limit. Well, all three of them turn 30 years old. And with this, they plan to treat themselves and our association. How? 
See the invitation by Norbert Hübner! In his name we also invite all friends of « Lebendiges Kongo e.V. » to celebrate with us and enjoy the fantastic music of Engenga and the 3apes!

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Singing is Colourful!

We thank the Leipziger Chorverband e.V. (choir union Leipzig) for organising a wonderful concert under the name "Singing is Colourful" within the frame of the "Intercultural Weeks" in Leipzig.

This yearly event marks the interest and cultural orientation of Leipzig and its people. This year, Engenga played together with the

  • Choir of the Evangelic Korean Community in Leipzig
  • Choir "Slawia" of the German-Russian Relief Organisation Holy-Alexandria
  • Chinese Academics Choir of Berlin

The singing was held on the big stage of the festive hall of the town hall in the beautiful centre of Leipzig.

It was a wonderful event supported by the Ministry of Culture, represented through the cultural office, Leipzig.