Sunday, 25 August 2013

Humanitarian Transport Service!

Looking for safe and affordable transport in Kinshasa?        

Affordable and safe transport for people and goods is one of the core problems in Kinshasa/DR Congo. Thanks to numerous private sponsors we were able to send a minivan as well as a transporter to Kinshasa (see picture). Both of them will ease our work in Kinshasa and Kasangulu. Furthermore we let our vehicles to fair prices in order to ease the life of locals. We transport people together with their goods to town where they can sell their products. We also buy products outside of Kinshasa and sell them to our partners in Kinshasa. In that way we support the local economy and help locals to earn a living. On the other hand this is financial supports for our work in Kasangulu, too.

Our offer to you:
-          shuttle service: N’djili Airport <--> Kinshasa Centre
price: 30 US$ per person

-          minivan with experienced driver for up to 6 passengers plus luggage
price: 95 US$ per day (6 am – 10 pm; petrol at extra cost)

-          transporter with experienced driver for up to 4 passengers and products (max. 5t)
 price: 80 US$ per day (6 am – 10 pm; petrol at extra cost)

Mr. Ben Sangu
Tel. DRC: +243 - (0) 815297109