About us

Our Focus - former child soldiers, orphans and women.

During last years the Democratic Republic of Congo has been involved in a hard war. Child-soldiers are one of the big losers of this war. Innocently they were faced terrifying brutality which lead to deep mental wounds. Those wounds have to be healed or this children will be lost for the future of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Regarding their prospects, the danger occurs that they may end up criminal.

More than 770,000 children lost their parents because of HIV. 5% of the total population fall ill with AIDS so that more and more children stay alone, hopelessly facing the future. Without support and help, this orphans may also fall into criminality. Presenting new and realistic perspectives for them is what we strive for.

Because of the war, many women lost their men or the whole family. Many of them were abused and tortured or became victims of violence within the family.
Furthermore , women also suffer from illnesses like AIDS, malaria or hepatitis and live socially isolated because of many reasons. They don’t have any social or material basis of life and they are traumatised severely.

There are solutions to help this people-we want to do that. The benefits of our actions shall help former child soldiers, orphans and women of all ages. In that manner we will be able to help some of them to get out of the trauma and to start a new life.

Our tasks and goals

Because of the war and other conditions the children have to live without their parents. They lack things they had before. Above all, security, love, education, the integration in a working human society, in which moral and ethic values are lived and get conveyed. At this point we will offer our help - because children are the future of each society.

Our Responsibility

Millennium Goals - Situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo

We see ourselves responsible for the accommodation, a part of the education and the appropriate apprenticeship (school, profession, studies) of the children and teenagers living in our custody.
So we committed ourselves to social companionship at least 5 years after the teenagers moved out of our living- and education-institution leading their own life, at their own request. To attain our aims we also support other organisations who can contribute to this.

Our Strategy

Children who have to grow up without their parents and relatives have nobody who offers them shelter. They will live and learn in our living-institution. A school will be established within this institution in which children can learn reading, writing, calculating, and much more until they have the ability to attend one of our vocational schools where they can finish a vocational education according to their wishes, abilities, interests and education.

After finishing their vocational education they can get a job in our institutions or firms we are in close contact with. So they can make their own living and live in personal independence.

For women, a living- and education-institution will be created too. They should as far as possible be integrated directly in different projects. For example they can help with the children, so that they can stabilise their own personality - with the aim to accompany them, until they can be integrated again in the society.

You will get to know more about our base and our concept if you inform yourselves about current projects.