Your sponsorship helps !

We arrange sponsorships for children in Kinshasa, the capital of the Democratic Republik of Congo. Those are mainly for motivated children, who are missing the chance to go to school, because they are orphans. 
Visiting a school in DR Congo costs a certain amount of fees, depending on the offer and level of education.
Due to the weak economic situations in the families, the children are being send from one aunt to another aunt or one grandpa to another, so that they feel homeless and even can't go to school for a longer time, because of moving here and there.

With a sponsorship you help a child in the DR Congo, his family (without parents, but many sisters and brothers) and also its direct community during the time of sponsorship. Through your godparenthood you continually increase the quality of the environment of the child.
The sponsorship programme can be cancelled at any time, without giving reasons. However, we aim to upkeep the support until the child has finished its schooling, and even beyond.

If you also would like to support a child in the DR Congo and help, so it can go to school regularly, then please contact us and get particular information on how to become a godfather or a godmother and all further details.

Thank you!